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Yardlie Professional Sunblock UK Based Gel Formula 150ml.

Yardlie Professional Sunblock UK Based Gel Formula 150ml.

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UK Based Gel Formula that absorbs easily.

Yardlie Professional Sunblock prevents you from UVA and UVB and most dangerous infrared rays that penetrate deeply into your skin.

Prevent Premature aging.

Yardlie Sunblock not only beauty product but also maintain your skin health.

Reduces Dark Spots it shields the skin against both UVA/UVB Radiation and prevent dark spots.

Prevent form dry skin.

Sun Protection collection UVA & UVB

Yardlie Sunblock Water Resistant with broad spectrum SPF60+++.

It locks better Moisture and Hydrates your skin all day long.

Best Thing about Yardlie Sunblock it can be used as a Foundation Cream.

Useful for outdoor as well as indoor.

For All type Skins.

Safest Reflectance Technology that Maintain non-oily skin.

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