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Yardlie Professional Facial Black Mask 120g.

Yardlie Professional Facial Black Mask 120g.

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Facial Black Mask

Olive with Milk

Vitamins E & b

For Shiny, Silky Glowing, Whiteness Beauty & free from Skin Hair Nails
for all types of Skins.

The Olive is rich in winter, Excellent for dry skin hydration, Its natural nutrients are
high in vitamin E & B, which serves as an antioxidant for the skin protection from
wrinkled skin.
The combination of Olive & Milk with newly Black Mask formula makes your
skin Shiny, Silky, Glowing & Provide Whiteness Beauty-Removes
unnecessary Skin Hair Nail, So the skin
goes more brighter and clear.


Clean your face and make it dry. Apply the layer of Black Mask on the skin
evenly. Leave it on face for 15 minutes to let it dry. Once it goes dry, lift the mask
from bottom to up completely. Finally rinse the face with fresh water.



Imidazoline, magnesium, aluminum silicate polyvinyl, aicohol, squalance, ethanol 13 - butandiol propanediol, giycerin barriboo powder, CMIT collager, wheat germ oil, essence, olive and milk extract.

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