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Yardlie Professional ANTI-HAIR LOSS Shampoo 500ml.

Yardlie Professional ANTI-HAIR LOSS Shampoo 500ml.

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Prevent Loss and Improves Brittle Hair

Polygonum Multiflorum

As Soft and Smooth As Silk

Shampoo Keratin 2x1.

This product is enriched with four plant extracts including fallopia multiflora, oriental arborvitae leafytwigs, herbapteridis multifidae and davallia maresi that infuse nutrients into hair to get easily absorbed, improve oil secretion, streng-then, blacken hair, remove dirt & hard sebum from hair follicles, make the pores unblocked, prevent hair loss, improve all alopecia problems and protect & nourish hair, leaving it long-lastingly strong, lustrous, soft, shiny, refreshed and renewed.

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